New in Bath: Sugar Cane Studio

Fang & Neil are officially opening their new café, Sugar Cane Studio, this Saturday! 💛 Specialising in macaroons, madeleines, choux buns & more (some with an Asian twist), Sugar Cane Studio makes *delicious* sweet treats. We have reviewed them twice before (when they were only doing deliveries) and we were super impressed both times. 😋

The space is really sweet, with a sugar cane mural 🎋 and a colourful exterior. Fang has an impressive Cordon Bleu & Ritz background and we can promise you that these are some of the best pastries we have ever tried - she makes everything herself!

From Taiwan, Fang often adds an Asian twist to her masterpieces, like adding Matcha for example. The café also has some Taiwanese teas to choose from (which is unique to Bath). 🍵

Salted caramel choux bun

Unbelievable pastry, the sweetness from the caramel was perfectly offset by the buttery delight from the cream. 10/10!

Pecan pie

Made with honey in an almond shortcrust case, topped with sliced pecans and creme chantilly, this was absolutely delicious! We love pecan pie but they’re not that easy to find so we were especially excited to see it!

The sweet, sticky filling was balanced out with the perfectly toasted pecans & although the shortcrust base was wonderfully buttery, it remained firm and crisp, almost shortbread-like, bringing it all together in both structure and flavour. 10/10!

Lemon meringue tart

Absolutely exquisite with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Honestly, we couldn’t fault anything that we tried. 10/10!

Check out Sugar Cane Studio when you can! It's a super sweet cafe and you're bound to walk away with your spirits lifted from not only their delicious sweet treats, but also the good vibes from the cafe owners.

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