Festive Afternoon Tea at The Pump Room, Bath

The Pump Room is well known for its afternoon teas, but they now have festive ones which have a range of savoury and sweet items. Each one comes with a glass of Prosecco, but you can swap this for some sparkling orange citrus fizz if you prefer. 🎄

In the Roman Baths, the interiors are super grand and festive at the moment. They have Christmas trees and lights everywhere, as well as a live pianist which adds a little extra layer of fanciness to the experience. 

 We started with the savoury layer

Festive sausage roll with mustard mayonnaise 🌭

The sausage filling was meaty & rich, wrapped in delicate puff pastry. The mustard mayonnaise went brilliantly with the meat, of which there was a generous amount!

Turkey, cranberry and cheese toastie 🥪

This was excellent & a brilliant combination of flavours and textures! The toastie was perfectly toasted & the soft fillings added a great contrast in texture. The flavours were as festive as can be. This worked so well & was our favourite. 

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese tart topped with caviar 🐟

The smoked salmon was delicious & the cream cheese was super creamy. We savoured every bite as we didn’t want it to end. Another favourite.

Cucumber, cream cheese and mint brioche 🥒 

Soft, refreshing & light, almost like a palate cleanser. The mint brioche was light & went very well with the cucumber. There was the right amount of cream cheese, as too much could have been quite overpowering. 
Moving onto the sweet layer... 

Homemade buttermilk scones (plain & fruit) with Dorset clotted cream and strawberry jam 

These golden-baked scones were impressively large & had a light & airy bite. They were crumbly in all the right ways & the perfect carrier for a thick dollop of Dorset clotted cream & jam. 

Victoria sponge cake 🍰

There was a well-balanced ratio of sponge, jam and cream. The light sponge went amazingly with both of the teas.

Apple crumble 🍎

This was finished off with a chocolate deer-monogrammed coin & was so beautiful. There was a great balance of apple, cinnamon & crust. 

Chocolate & coffee opera cake 🍫 

This small cake, finished with a chocolate Christmas tree was definitely the most visually appealing of all the sweets, the layered chocolate was beautiful and matched its taste: rich & delicious chocolate tones with coffee

Christmas Stollen 

This traditional German festive cake/bread was full of fruit and marzipan. We’re not huge fans of marzipan, but we’re sure that those who are would love this.

You can then choose either tea or coffee. We went for an English Breakfast & Darjeeling Tea which, we felt, went really well with the elements of the afternoon tea. 

Head Chef Mark Pearson has been working on this festive version of afternoon tea throughout lockdown and he has hit the nail on the head. The sweet selections change daily & the festive alterations which work brilliantly. We would highly recommend it for a special occasion or a treat this December!

£££ [£34.50 per person]

Disclaimer: PR Invite - complimentary experience. Ad.