Afternoon Tea at the Hands Georgian Tearooms, Bath

Situated on the corner of the Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, the Hands Georigan Tearooms, an independent, provides is a great little spot to sit outside to enjoy the view and relax in the sun. 

We went for the high tea which comes with cakes, scones, sandwiches and, of course, tea! [£19.50 per person] 

Cakes 🍰 

We got carrot cake and coffee cake. Both of these were lovely and moist. The carrot cake had a nice warming cinnamon flavour to it, as well as a nutty texture. The coffee cake had a nice coffee flavour with a sweet and creamy icing to balance it out. 

Scones ✨ 

These are made in-house and were delicious topped with plenty of clotted cream and strawberry jam *queue the debate about whether cream or jam goes first*. 

Sandwiches 🥪 

You can choose from a variety of sandwiches to have and we went for tuna and ham which were nicely filled. We find that sometimes afternoon tea sandwiches have barely any filling at all which wasn’t the case here. Veggie options are available. 

Tea ☕️ 

You can choose whichever tea you want and the choices are plentiful. We went for a normal breakfast tea as well as a black tea with ginger which was nice and refreshing. 

Prosecco 🥂 [£5.50 for a small bottle which is around 1.5 glasses] 

You have the choice of adding Prosecco to your afternoon tea which is a great addition and makes it feel really special. 

If you’re looking for a nice spot to have an afternoon tea with big slices of cake, scones and sandwiches with a nice view, then you should try the Hands Georgian Tearooms! 

The only thing we would note is that other afternoon teas that we have tried usually have an array of smaller sweet treats, whereas this was focused on big slices of cake for the ‘sweet treats’ portion, so it depends what your preference is. They also have breakfast and lunch options. 

💰 ££

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