Grab & Go by YO! Sushi, Bath

YO! Sushi just opened a new Bath store on 2 April (by Bath Spa train station) focusing on ‘Grab & Go’ which is perfect for summer picnics. We checked it out yesterday on Easter Sunday, when we had absolutely glorious weather and brought our goodies to the Royal Crescent for a late lunch.

Sushi sharer (tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri, panko prawn nigiri, crunchy California rolls & YO! rolls) [£16.95] 

This was a great platter & all of the rolls & nigiri were yummy. The tuna & salmon nigiri were delicious & fresh and the YO! roll packed a great combo of flavours. 

Crunchy California roll (surimi & avocado roll topped with mayo, teriyaki & crunchy onion) [£5.95] 

The crunchy onion combined brilliantly with the teriyaki to offer a twist on the typical California roll. 

Dynamite roll (salmon, chilli oil & avocado rolled in crispy onions topped with sriracha & mayo) [£6.75] 

These rolls weren’t too spicy, but had a nice mix of flavours. They were probably our least favourite out of all the sushi. They weren’t bad at all, but we preferred the others. 

Plant power sushi set (cucumber maki, avocado maki, yasai rolls & inari tacos) (ve) [£6.25]

The Inari tacos were the highlight of this platter: golden tofu pockets filled with rice, avocado, ponzu salsa & vegan sriracha mayo. Super yummy. 

Chicken katsu curry (chicken in a crispy Japanese panko crumb with a mild curry sauce, pickles & steamed rice) [£6.25] 

The chicken breast was cooked and breaded very well, the sauce was delicious & the pickles were a great palate cleanser. 

Chicken gyoza [£5.95] 

The Gyoza's were great: juicy & full of flavour. However, sadly we didn't get the soy dipping sauce which they kind of needed. 

Kaiso seaweed (marinated mixed seaweed, edamame & carrot in a su-miso dressing) (ve) [£2.95]

This was delicious & offered a refreshing crunch to the meal. 

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of ingredients & flavour combinations. The store looks fantastic and is ideally located. The staff were really friendly & helpful & you can also click + collect. They offer a wide variety of hot food as well as sushi & rolls, including some vegan options. 

We would recommend going early as we went there at around 2pm and a lot of the items were sold out.  

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