Dinner at Jars Meze, Bath

Jars Meze is an independent, family-run Greek restaurant which we absolutely loved from start to finish. We decided to go for their ‘mezedes’ (small plates) & were advised that 6 was a good amount for 2 people. 

Tigania from Macedonia (marinated pork with caramelised onions, herbs and fresh thyme fried in olive oil) ✨ [£8.90] 

Absolutely divine! This dish was packed with flavour. The thin pieces of pork were incredibly tender & went very well with all of the veggie plates we ordered. 

Htapodaki marinato (octopus marinated in vinegar, garlic, olive oil & herbs, served with chickpeas) 🐙 [£8.90] 

Out of all the dishes, this is the one that transported us to the Mediterranean the most. We find it difficult to find octopus cooked this way in restaurants in the UK so it felt like a real treat. Tender, meaty and really fresh, the octopus was cooked to perfection. The vinegar was quite strong but not overly so, and the chickpeas completed the dish nicely. 

Gigantes from Prespes (butter beans cooked in fresh tomato sauce & spinach) (ve) ✨ [£6.50]

A Greek classic, we were especially excited to order this & it did not disappoint. The butter beans were large and so flavoursome. We got the vegan option without the feta and whilst we're sure the cheese would have made this even more delicious, we certainly didn't feel like it was missing anything, making it a good choice if you are avoiding dairy.  

Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves with rice) (ve) 🍃 [£5.60] 

These were one of our favourite items. We loved the soft, creamy texture of the rice filling. The combination of mint and dill was unusual, but provided a wonderful summery element. The texture and flavour of these paired particularly well with the pork and butter beans. 

Melitzana (Baked aubergines in fresh tomato sauce with feta and kefalotyri cheese) (v) 🍆 [£6.80] 

Wow, we could not get enough of this dish! Cooked to perfection, the aubergines were soft and juicy and not overpowered by the cheese on top. The mixture of the feta and kefalotyri was divine, lending just the right amount of saltiness and richness. Kefalotyri is more robust than feta, meaning the top was slightly crispy and wonderfully cheesy. Totally moreish, we cannot recommend this enough. 

Horiatiki Salad (Greek salad) (v)
🥗 [£6.30]

Perhaps the most well-known Greek dish, we could not miss this out. By serving the ingredients roughly chopped with a block of feta on top, this salad was rustic and super authentic. The creaminess and saltiness of the feta contrasted perfectly with the fresh, juicy tomatoes and giant olives. Definitely a must in our opinion. 

Immediately upon setting foot inside, you feel as if you have been transported to Greece. Being a truly family-run restaurant, the atmosphere at Jars Meze is warm, welcoming and relaxed. They also have their own café serving traditional homemade Greek pastries and cakes downstairs. They have lots of veggie, vegan and gluten-free options, making this a great option for group dinners too.

The hospitality was outstanding from start to finish. Maria, the daughter of the family, gave us the warmest of welcomes and then acted as our server for the rest of the evening. With a big smile, she talked us through the menu, offered her recommendations and suggestions and ensured we had a great time. It was clear she was extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. 

Overall, we think that Jars Meze is great value for money. The food was absolutely delicious, the portions were generous and each dish is made in-house by Maria’s mother and uncle, using high quality, authentic ingredients. We highly, highly recommend this spot! 

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