Dinner at The Coconut Tree, Bath

There's a new restaurant in town! The Coconut Tree πŸ₯₯🌴 is a new Sri Lankan restaurant here in Bath, where Koh Thai Tapas used to be. With so many delicious and interesting sounding items on the menu, we were totally overwhelmed by choice. Thankfully, Rodrigo helped by offering his suggestions. 

We were served by three lovely waiters during our visit, one of them being Rodrigo who is one of the founders of the restaurant. It was clear that he is incredibly passionate about the business and really keen to share the delicious food of his homeland. 

He was very generous with his time, answering all our questions and offering recommendations based on our likes and dislikes. Having recently opened and operating to government guidelines, we expect the team at The Coconut Tree are still finding their feet and getting to grips with everything. Despite this, all our food arrived in a timely manner.  

We decided to follow some of Rodrigo's suggestions and order some plates to share. The Coconut Tree also has a gorgeous illustrated cocktail booklet, presenting a large range of interesting, exotic 'Cocotails'. 

‘Lovers in Trinco’ (Ketel One botanicals cucumber & mint, lemongrass & ginger, butterfly flower tea & lime) 🍸  [£7.50] 

This was from the ‘low, no or add’ cocktails section dedicated to low ABV cocktails & mocktails. This arrived as a beautiful purple colour & then changed to take on a subtle pink hue once mixed with the mixer which was fun. The flavour was very cucumber-y and the botanicals were quite strong. It was similar to gin in taste. 

‘The Drunken Sri Lankan' (Ceylon Arrack, turmeric cointreau, fresh lime & spicy ginger beer) 🐘 [£8] 

This was really refreshing & a little spicy owing to the ginger and turmeric. It came in the cutest elephant-shaped mug. Delicious! 

Hoppers (coconut milk pancake served with coconut sambol, seeni sambol (caramelised onions with a hint of cinnamon) & a Sri Lankan salsa) (v/ve) πŸ₯₯ [£3.50 each] 

We got one with egg (traditional) and one without. They were both really nice, the dough being on the sweeter side whilst still being savoury. We especially liked the caramelised onions, which made it very moreish. 

Amba Maluwa (Green, firm, unripe mango gently softened in coconut sauce) (ve) πŸ₯­ [£6] 

Although we were unsure what to expect with this mango curry dish, and struggled to imagine mango in a savoury sense, it turned out to be one of our favourites. The mango was not that sweet, and had a beautiful soft texture, similar to that of aubergine. 

It absorbed all the spices of the sauce, making it wonderfully fragrant. This is an absolute must-try and was totally sensational when paired with the Black Pork and Coconut Sambol. 

Fat Sister (pumpkin cooked in coconut cream, curry leaves, panda leaves & mustard seeds) (ve) πŸŽƒ [£4.50] 

This was very mild & creamy and acted as a really great accompaniment to many of the spicier dishes. The pumpkin chunks were large and succulent. 

Sri-Tato (roast potatoes lightly fried & spiced) (ve) πŸ₯” [£5]

We are yet to meet a roast potato we did not like, and these did not disappoint. They were soft as opposed to crispy, which meant they absorbed all the spices they had been cooked in, as well as the flavours of the other dishes. Their softness also made them deliciously sweet. If you like potatoes, these are made for you.  

Brinjals (Lightly friend aubergine with coriander & onion) (ve) πŸ†  [£4] 

These aubergines were really delicious: soft and sweet, and so flavoursome with the addition of red onion & spices. This was definitely a side dish, but would have complemented many of the dishes, particularly the meat-based ones.

Coconut Sambol (fresh coconut relish blended with shallots & spicy green chillies) (ve) πŸ₯₯ [£4] 

Another lovely addition to many of the items, this sambol was cooling & fresh. It was quite unique and the combination of flavours worked really well. As mentioned above, whilst this complemented each of the dishes, it paired particularly well with the Black Pork and Amba Maluwa. 

Black Pork (pork belly slow coked in dark roasted spices) πŸ– [£7] 

One of Rodrigo's top recommendations and another of our favourites. We were told this is his grandmother's recipe and they import the spices from Sri Lanka specially. The pork was incredibly tender and packed with flavour. 

Veggie Kotthu (wok fried chopped roti with carrots, leeks, onions and spices) (v) ✨ [£7] 

Unlike anything we'd ever eaten before and so addictive. Imagine a fried rice with chopped roti instead of rice. At first we weren’t completely convinced, but the more we ate, the more we loved it. 

The shredded roti pieces had the most comforting texture and the leeks, onions and spices gave it so much flavour. Once paired with the pumpkin curry, the flavours really came to the fore and we reckon the two together would make a lovely lunch. 

Yellow Rice (ve) 🍚 [£2.50] 

Lovely fluffy, fragrant rice cooked with turmeric and cardamom. 

We are so excited that Bath now has a Sri Lankan restaurant! This restaurant has a very laidback, casual atmosphere, making it perfect for catching up with friends over exotic cocktails and yummy food. The use of the emojis on the menu lends a fun edge and kids under 10 eat free, which also makes it a great venue for families. 

It has loads of Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options and with these dietary requirements clearly labelled on the menu, it's fantastic for anyone following these diets. 

πŸ’° £-££ - Great value! 2 for £10/12 cocktails on some drinks & 50% off Mon-Weds.

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