All-Day Brunch at Brunchai, Bath

Brunchai opened just 2 months ago and is family-run, authentic twist on the modern street cafe. We were really intruiged to try their Indian all-day brunches.

Panipuri (fried ball-shaped crispy things filled with chickpeas, served with boiled egg and diced onions) [£4.50] 

These were nice! It’s cool that you can assemble them yourself & have fun with what you put inside them. We’ve only had them pre-assembed before & we really enjoyed how flavourful the chickpeas were. 

Traditional Desi Breakfast (paratha served with channa biryani, aloo bhazi, dhal and a desi-style omelette) [£7.95 inc a drink] 

The paratha was nice and chewy, coated with ghee! If you haven’t had ghee before, it’s a super yummy type of butter πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. The channa biryani (pilau rice with chickpeas & potatoes) was very fragrant; it was our favourite after the paratha. 

The aloo bhazi (kind of like a potato hash) tasted of turmeric & onions. It wasn’t spicy, and was a nice little brunch addition along with the omelette. The dhal was comforting & creamy, and delicious with the paratha. 

Full Desi Breakfast (omelette, turkey bacon, hash browns, choice of shish kebabs or masala sausages (we went for sausages), paratha or toast, masala beans & fried mushrooms) [£10.95 inc a drink]⁣

We chose the delicious parathas once again! Overall it was nice, for example the beans were spiced with masala, but we definitely preferred the traditional Desi breakfast. 

To drink, we had a 'karac chai', which was aromatic, sweet, and a nice drink for breakfast. [£2.75 alone or complimentary with some mains] 

Brunchai is a no-frills spot where you can enjoy some nice Indian-style all-day brunch options. They also have wraps, chips, desserts and some other sides. The portions are definitely generous, we went in the morning and didn’t eat again until around 8pm! They also deliver & you can order online easily. 

πŸ’° £

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