Delivery by A:ROAM:A, Bath

A:ROAM:A started at the end of 2020 and carefully curates a different menu from all over the world each weekend. Each menu has a meat or vegan main to choose from, as well as a bunch of sides. We tried them out last weekend, when they had a North India menu on. This weekend is Morocco! 

πŸ› Rajasthani Lamb Curry - This was lovely. The meat was succulent & very tasty. 

🍚 Carrot & mint pilaf - A lovely accompaniment to the curry, this had a beautiful golden colour to it. 


πŸ… Tomato dahl - This was the star of the meal for us! It was very tasty and moreish, with a nice thick but smooth texture. It had a great spicy warmth to it and overall was a great, comforting dish. 

🌿 Chard & spinach subzi - We had never tried this before but it was a curried version of roasted vegetables such as courgette, chard, spinach & onions. It was great to have a side of veggies and they were deliciously cooked, with almost a jerk-like texture to them. 

πŸ₯— Beetroot & mooli salad - This was citrusy, light & refreshing, making it a perfect summery dish. Mooli is also known as daikon, and is a white radish. 

Chapati - This was very nice and had a kind of ‘wrap’ texture. Personally, we probably would’ve preferred something a bit doughier like a naan, but this is personal choice. 

Everything tasted home-cooked and was made with healthy ingredients. We definitely didn’t have that heavy/greasy feeling you get after some takeaways. The curry was delivered cold, allowing you to heat it up as and when needed, and it came with easy to follow instructions to do this. Everything was served in recyclable packaging which we love. 

We really like how you can continue to order from them but not get bored with what they have on offer. The menu changes every week (check out their instagram @aroama_food to see what’s on offer), and they’ve previously done Spanish, Cambodian, Greek, Mexican, Persian, Caribbean, Thai & more! This weekend (tonight & tomorrow night) it’s Moroccan. Order before 10pm tonight to get the Moroccan menu tomorrow eve! 

πŸ›΅ Delivery every Friday & Saturday evening to Bath & surrounding villages. Order by 10pm the night before for next day delivery. Free delivery! 

πŸ’° ££ - £16 per person. 

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