Cake Doughnuts from Planet Doughnut

Planet Doughnut makes & sells fresh, artisan doughnuts. They are a family-owned & run company that started in Shropshire but now delivers nationwide and they have lots of different doughnut boxes to choose from including classic, biscoff, cake & vegan ones!  

These are the latest doughnuts by Planet Doughnut, inspired by classic cake flavours. Packaged really nicely, these doughnuts arrived beautifully. All of the doughnuts had the same lovely light & airy dough, which meant that they aren’t as heavy as some doughnuts can be.  

The Cake Box ✨ [£21 inc delivery] 

🍩 Toffee cake 

🍩 Lemon 

🍩 Red velvet 

They doughnut had their own distinctive flavours which set each apart, for example the lemon ones really had a zesty kick to them, much like a lemon drizzle cake. They were all sweet, indulgent and a good size meaning that one is more than enough at a time (although we won’t judge you if you eat the whole box in one sitting) 😉 Our favourite was probably the toffee, although we really enjoyed all three. 

🛵 Delivery nationwide 

💰 ££

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