Pasta Making Courses with Pasta Uliana, Bath

If you're a pasta lover looking for a fun activity, look no further than Pasta Uliana's new pasta making courses! Federico, the founder, is a skilled pasta maker and great entertainer, making the classes a super fun experience. These enjoyable, unique classes are perfect for hen parties, team building events & children's parties. 

We were really excited to try out one of these classes when they launched. On arrival, we were welcomed by Federico. Whilst we were waiting for the other members too join the class, he explained the ratios for pasta, and the basics of how to make it. He’s really funny so this part is quite engaging, he involved the whole group in it.

Afterwards we got our hands dirty. Everyone had an assigned section and their own ingredients & tools. He had everything pre-measured for us but he said he’d follow up with an email with quantities for when we wanted to take our knowledge from the class and make pasta at home. 

Through each step he guided the group and was attentive to explain what could go wrong and how to fix it. Once the whole mixture was incorporated, he taught us how to improve the consistency (which was a bit like kneading). 

Once everyone made the dough we wrapped it in cling film to let it rest and hydrate while taking a little break to talk to the other attendees. Federico also explained what shapes of pasta go well with which sauce consistency (super interesting).

After the break it was time to make our 3 types of pasta. We made tagliatelle, capellini di Angelo (angel hair pasta) and tortellini.

We started with tagliatelle. He showed us how to use the machine to roll out the dough and cut it. It was fairly easy! 

The angel hair pasta was a bit more finicky but a nice challenge to not get it tangled.

Once we got to the tortellini, there were two types of fillings to choose from. A ricotta & spinach, and a blue cheese one. 

This is the hard part of the workshop I’d say… but Federico was there closely guiding everyone. There’s a specific technique and finger placement to make the shape which you need to get the hang of.

When everyone was done we were given boxes in which to place our portions of pasta to make at home! I think it’s fair to say everyone felt they could make this at home after the class. 

Overall, the class was well planned. Federico is very detailed focused which means your pasta ends up looking great! He takes you through the easy and intuitive steps to make pasta and you end up with a delicious result. We would highly recommend it!

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